The Art of Staging

There’s a difference in styling a photo, to enhance the picture and then making a picture “fake.” You want your photographs to look nice, but when you go overboard with the editing, it seems fake and unauthentic. People on social media have faked vacations, before and after photos, and photoshopped their bodies to the point of being unrecognizable, giving the concept of “photo staging” a bad reputation. What is Photo Staging and Styling Great photographs don’t always happen “naturally” in candid moments accidentally taken. A good picture requires the right lighting, angle, and camera. When you’re taking photos of a product, it often requires staging. You place the product with a cool background and take the picture from the right angle. Sometimes you have to do light editing to make the image look as nice as possible. Styling and staging are different from taking a picture in a bikini, on a green screen in your apartment, and pretending to be on an exotic vacation. Styling makes a picture look professional, putting the finishing touches to help make it pretty and neat. If you’re going to take a picture of a product, especially if you’re getting paid to post about it, you want the picture to look authentic, but also high quality. Professionalism is different than being “fake.” Do’s:
  • Use high-quality images
  • Show outfits from head-toe- If you put in the effort, don’t hide it!
  • Find the right angle – There’s no shame in wanting you or your product to look its best.
  • Use good lighting- The right lighting can make all of the difference between an okay photo and an amazing photo
  • Show the “behind the scenes” actions of what it took to get the great shot for added authenticity.
  • Going overboard on image editing – It’s okay to be real
  • Use fake backdrops – It’s one thing to add a splash of color behind a product photo, but it’s a big “Insta No” to fake locations
  • Use stock images – Followers can tell if your images aren’t really you or the product
  • Too good to be true posts – Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and show your real-life and your struggles, social media isn’t just a highlight reel of your best moments.

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