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How we’re Pivoting in a Pandemic –


The COVID-19 pandemic is changing not just how we communicate but also how we shop. Major cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City are on lockdown, while people around the world are practicing social distancing.


Consumers are turning towards large marketplaces like Amazon and to shop for everyday essentials online. It’s no surprise that many established brands with an e-commerce presence are also already feeling the hit of the pandemic, as people are cutting back on discretionary spending. Still, the biggest losses are for small business owners who have had to shut down their boutiques, restaurants, and services without having the right avenue to sell their products online. 


Today, Brandbass is pivoting during the pandemic to help local and small businesses through our online marketplace. We are partnering with companies that have a compelling story and a great product. Some of the companies we will feature give back to the community, while others are hand-made in small batches by independent entrepreneurs.


On the consumer side, whether or not you are ready to shop, we encourage you to go beyond the purchase and build relationships with our brand partners! Apply to become an ambassador for the brands that you care about. More than ever, small businesses need your support and you can promote brands that you believe in and actually use. You can do this through the simplicity of the platform by browsing products and submitting your information on the product detail pages itself!


The fact is – right now, it’s harder than ever for small businesses to find the right type of ambassadors. They often do not have the marketing budget to pay top-dollar for sponsored posts for influencers. But together on Brandbass, we can focus our efforts on building an army of brand ambassadors for amazing businesses.


Let’s stand united through this pandemic affecting the world, and build our community!


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