Meet our Founder, Mya

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Meet Our Founder,  Mya!

Mya Papolu is an entrepreneur, shopping addict, and a passionate businesswoman – but that’s not all! She’s a mom and she’s a loyal friend. For Mya, nothing is more important than feeling inspired each and every day by the brands that she loves, which is why she strives to ensure that the everyday person can connect with their favorite brands on a deeper level than ever before. 

After graduating from Carnegie Mellon with a degree in engineering and business, Mya went straight to Wall Street to pursue her new career. After a few years, she wanted a change of pace and sought to explore her love for retail. She worked at Chanel as a merchandising and planning analyst before moving back home to Silicon Valley. In technology, she worked with various Fortune 500 brands in the world of eCommerce, digital transformation, and social media.

Today, Mya has established Brandbass as a unique community where passionate shoppers and brand advocates can come together to discover new brands, to share ideas, to test new products, and to become the go-to expert for their favorite businesses. 

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