Brandbass is a multi-vendor marketplace designed to bring together passionate customers and engaging brands through a mutual relationship. Together, our customers become brand ambassadors for some of their favorite brands and earn extra income simply by marketing their favorite products on the web. From there, our partnering vendors and brands receive the exposure that they need to keep doing what they love – making your favorite products!

Brandbass offers a boutique digital shelf space focused around a specific theme that we rotate out from month to month. Through this theme, we look to connect with interested customers who shop for products or with brands within this particular theme. From there, we work to engage these customers to specific brands to create powerful and long-lasting relationships that each party can benefit from.

Becoming a Brandbass Ambassador takes one thing – passion! Is there a particular product that you love so much that you can’t help but to tell your friends all about it? Do you have a brand that you’ll always remain loyal to no matter what? Have you recently tried out a new product and absolutely fell in love with the brand identity of the company? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you’d make a great fit as a Brandbass Ambassador!

As a Brandbass Ambassador, your job is to invite friends and family to shop along with our limited cluster theme each and every month. You’ll do this by creating content, reposting affiliate links, hosting giveaways, and through sponsored posts on your social media pages. From there, you make a percentage of each sale purchased through our cluster theme!

Brandbass is the world’s #1 marketplace for customers to discover great new brands and fantastic new products that they love. When you partner with Brandbass, you instantly gain access to our massive userbase. From there, you can connect with real Brandbass Ambassadors who can market your products and your brand all across their social media profiles.

This is a simple question – because there’s nothing else like Brandbass in the market! We bring brands together who naturally complement one another. This allows us to draw a massive audience in to learn all about similar products, similar brands, and similar services. Together, we’re building a community of passionate shoppers who love nothing more than to find new products to enjoy, to promote, and most importantly, to love!