About US


In today’s increasingly digitized world, it’s no secret that businesses want to take advantage of their presence on social media to spread awareness regarding their brand, their products, and their services. However, knowing just how to spread that information can be difficult to do without the right team of brand ambassadors.

Here at Brandbass, we’re a multi-vendor marketplace designed with one goal in mind – to bring passionate customers and engaging brands together to form a unique relationship. Together, we link exciting brands up with real people who want nothing more than to represent the brands that they love.

Today’s brands want content creators who can share their messaging in a way that relates to and connects with large audiences found on social media where information spreads quickly. At Brandbass, our goal is to make that process even more seamless by giving customers and brands a doorway to the other side. From there, they can connect, network, and work to build engagement and growth together.

Our Mission

At Brandbass, our mission is simple – we’re endlessly focused on ensuring that the everyday content creator has everything that they need to thrive. Through our comprehensive multi-vendor marketplace platform, passionate customers and creators can become brand ambassadors for the brands that they love.

Our Vision

We like to envision ourselves as a multi-faceted company because that’s exactly what we strive to be! We’re firm believers that forming strong partnerships with brands and content creators can allow businesses to achieve the level of growth and engagement necessary to thrive – and they can do it all while building their brand identity at the same time.

A Word From Our Founder

“I’m Mya Papolu, Founder of Brandbass – a platform where content creators can get paid to represent the brands that they care about. For me, nothing is more important than helping today’s passionate customers earn extra income by creating strong and valuable partnerships with some of their favorite brands. Whether it be through photography, blogging, or recommending lifestyle brands that you love and support, I want Brandbass to be your go-to platform when it’s time to put your creative skills to use and share your knowledge and passion for brands of all sizes.

Brandbass is a platform where customers and content creators come together to share and exchange ideas, to make recommendations, and to promote some of their favorite lifestyle brands with other passionate creators who want to do the same.

Each and every day, our team endlessly works to build a newfound community of unique businesses and passionate customers together in a single platform, so that we can use the power of social media, the power of digital technology, and the power of relationships to help each other grow.

– Mya Papolu, Founder.

To learn more about Brandbass and to become your very own brand ambassador, click here to learn all about how you can pick up a new side gig today.